Top Interior Design Trends in 2020

With the rise of modern architecture, homes are becoming more sophisticated and technologically advanced. Though a bit overwhelming, your home doesn’t need to be completely equipped with the latest technology or design. There are still plenty of existing interior design trends that we’ll expect to see in the future.

During the Milan Design Week, we saw a lot of familiar and modern design trends that are definitely going to define 2020 and the years to come. While some trends have been around for a while, others will change the way we live. 

From sophisticated smart homes to sustainable materials - here’s a list of our interior design trend predictions that you can expect in 2020:


Smart homes with family

Smart homes

Ten years ago, the concept of using your smartphone to control your home’s lights, thermostat and security was unheard of. Fast forward to present day - the rise of the smart home technology. Thanks to home assistants like Alexa and Google Home, you can now operate any home appliance through voice command or your smartphone.

During the 2019 CES exhibition, we saw glimpses into the future for smart homes. Foldimate is an automated laundry folding machine - a sure hit for those who don’t like folding laundry. If security is your concern, soon you might be able to monitor your house via drones, or unlock your car using your unique heartbeat pattern. For those interested in efficiency, we soon could be brushing our teeth in 10 seconds with a smart toothbrush

Sustainable design


Sustainable design

With all the modern home technologies available, more and more homes will favor sustainable interior design or green homes. Sustainability is all about looking at two things, material and function. 

Materials that can be recycled or reclaimed, like wood, is great for green homes. Old wooden furniture can be repainted or reused for something else, making it environmentally friendly. 

Function is an important consideration, especially with the rise of smart homes. Products like Nest thermostat is an energy efficient product that automatically adapts temperature - a must for modern green homes.



Concrete cement trend

Concrete was traditionally reserved to basements, garages and sidewalks, however recently this has all changed with the rise of industrial design aesthetic. From walls, floors, tables, baths and sinks - concrete is popping up everywhere and is a trend here to stay. 

It’s unfinished and raw, but when paired with modern appliances and plants, it really just comes to life. Once sealed correctly it is easy to maintain and adds texture to a space. Simply complement it with contrasting colours and natural materials like wood to keep your interior right on trend. 

Plants interior decor



Are you ready to flex your green thumb and become a plant parent? Bring the outside inside with plants. 

As the sustainable interior designers focus on green design (literally), plants are being used in interiors to bring colour, texture and life to spaces. A recent study also shows that plants helps with overall wellbeing. With a wide variety of indoor plants to choose from, you can give life and character to any room. Consider growing basil in the kitchen for your own use or hanging a spider plant in the living room as an accent piece.

Worried that you don’t have a green thumb? Artworks that showcase greenery also adds life to a room. 

Overall, the interior design trends we’ll expect to see in 2020 will be a mix of modern technology amongst the gifts of nature. Because you can’t go to the future without going green.

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