About Our Materials

Framed Prints

All Framed Prints are printed using a Ilford Lustre paper & Gataboard 20mm frame in either black or white. Some key highlights of the framed Lustre prints include:

  • Amazing metallic reflections
  • Highlights vibrant colours with pearlescent finish
  • Incredible image clarity
  • Single white acid free matboard 
  • Clear Perspex - light, strong, durable, 94% UV resistant - great for shipping
  • Adhesive Foamcore - Long term protection against image fading
  • D-Rings and String - ready to hang
  • Moisture Resistant

Unframed Prints 

Ilford Lustre paper has a semi-gloss satin finish which is more forgiving of fingerprints. Rich colour reproduction, great skin tones, and deep blacks have made this the natural choice for many photographers, and personally our favourite ;)


Acrylic print face mounting (acrylic float frames or glass prints) enhances the contrast, adds sharpness and colour saturation to photographic prints for a gloss look unobtainable by any other framing method.

Acrylic Print Bradscanvas


Please reach out if you would like to know more information about our materials to shop@bradscanvas.com